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The feed circuit, especially restrictive feed outlets like drippers, can become blocked with salt build-up, dirt, algae, root growth and medium. To minimize this problem:

  • Employ a filter on the inlet to the nutrient pump. Also, in recirculating systems, install a filter in the return line. Ensure filters have a large surface area. This will minimize how frequently they need to be cleaned.
  • Position plants to avoid roots being drawn into drain outlets.
  • Maintain nutrient pH well below 6.5 to help prevent salt precipitation (particularly calcium sulfate).
  • Routinely disinfect the nutrient solution to prevent the build-up of algae and slimes.
  • Ensure nutrients are fully soluble.
  • Avoid using water that has high “hardness” levels.
  • Use a regular maintenance schedule. Routine 'discarding' and 'flushing' will help prevent the build-up of solids such as insoluble salts, algae and plant debris. Between crops it is useful to perform a chemical flush to remove insoluble precipitates.


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