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Hydro-Perl 25 Ltr Bag 

Hydro-Perl Grow bags are quick to install with the initial uptake of water. Unlike other media’s that require 15 litres to saturate the bag, Perlite only requires 10.5 litres. The time each bag takes to saturate up is less than 5 minutes. The excess water that drains from the drain hole in the bag comes out Crystal Clear rather than a brown colour caused by tannin from medias such as Coco Peat.

This truly saves money and time which makes Hydro-Perl Grow Bags the choice of many growers.

In Hydroponic systems, the bags can be laid horizontally on the green-house floor or on gutters, and then holes are cut to accept seedlings. Seedlings are inserted and nutrient-rich water is introduced to each plant with a drip irrigation system. A reservoir of this nutrient-rich water is allowed to collect in the bottom of the bag. The natural capillary action draws a controlled amount of water up into the root zone. With the hydro perl bags, the root zone does not dry out nor does it become waterlogged as can happen with other media. Because of this unique feature, watering need only take place a few times a day as opposed to other media which may require as much as 20 watering daily with constant attention.

Hydro-Perl 25 litre bag


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