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The Neutralizer Road Kit uses the same combination of essential oils as the other Neutralizer products. The composition of the oils is a little bit different though, because The Neutralizer Road Kit needs to work faster than the other Neutralizers. Where the other Neutralizers take about an hour to warm up and spread the oils, The Road Kit only needs 5 minutes to warm up and spread the oils. As soon as the oils are being spread, unwanted odours will be neutralized at a molecular level immediately. When somebody then gets in your car, or leans over to your window, they will only smell a pleasant, fresh odour.

  • 1 x EME (Electronic Molecule Evaporator) and 1 Cartridge.
  • No absorption into the surrounding environment.
  • Compact Plugin Size.
  • Neutralizes within 5 minutes; shortest activation time of any Neutrilizer.
  • Neutralizes a Sedan / SUV sized environment.
  • Lasts up to 92 Hours – with constant 24hr use.



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