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Optic Foliar Overgrow is a dynamic, multipurpose, ready to use spray that will correct deficiencies, and provide increased performance! Match that with the ability to spray in full sunlight, with no burning or the need to spray the undersides of leaves and you have the only all in one spray with no negative side effects from leaf burn to residuals. Optic Foliar Overgrow will prevent and combat all problems attacking your leaves ensuring you always get a healthy harvest.

Overgrow plant nutrient is a single spray that will:

  • Combat and prevent bugs and fungus (only need to spray tops of leaves)
  • Correct any nutrient deficiency
  • Increase growth and performance
  • All while being able to spray in full sunlight with no negative side effects

    Agrichem Analytical laboratory located outside of Vancouver, B.C. was asked to show the difference Optic Foliar makes by conducting a plant Leaf Tissue Analysis and Nutrient Reservoir Analysis of plants grown with and without Optic Foliar. The results are in…

    The results prove that plants sprayed with Optic Foliar significantly increased the nutrient content within the leaves and uptake from the reservoir 4 hours after being sprayed onto the plants. The essential 12 elements required for plant growth increased dramatically within the leaf tissue, while the increased photosynthesis also allowed for greater uptake from the nutrient reservoir.

    Optic Foliar ensures success with its unique easy to use products allowing you to spray with the lights on, with no pH correction required! TRANSPORT, MEGA WATTS, REV, SWITCH, OVERGROW is the perfect mix for Guaranteed Nutrition, Growth & Yields. Just spray them onto your plants and watch them go to work right away!



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