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The Autopot Hydropak Starter Kit consists of everything you need to start growing effortlessly with hydroponics.


  • Works by gravity
  • Easy to use. No need to check for conductivity (EC) & acidity (pH) daily.
  • Accurate watering with no run-off at all. Saves water and nutrients.
  • Can be left unattended for weeks.
  • Simply "add-a-tee" to attach more planter systems to the same reservoir later.
  • Be amazed at the speed your plants grow!


Autopot Hydropak components

  • 1 Smart-valve
  • 1 grow tray/lid
  • 2 x 250mm (10 inch) pots
  • 2 litres of nutrients A/B
  • 8 litres of perlite/vermiculitre mix
  • 1 x 35L Reservoir - Water tank has a very small area - just 32 x 22cm.
  • 1 x 4mm filter
  • 2m x 4mm tubing
  • 2 x root control mats
  • Instruction booklet


The Hydrostarter Kit is a great way to begin with Hydroponics!


When you are starting with hydroponics, there is alot to learn. With this kit, you do not need to pay close attention to pH or watch water levels in the reservoir as closely as other kits and other hydroponic systems. At Aqua Gardening, we highly recommend this kit to get started, and it's something many of us use at home. The key benefit of being "set-and-forget" this kit has makes it an easy choice! Show your family and friends the speed and ease of hydroponics, with a great starter kit!

Hydropak Starter Kit Auto pot


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