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Grodan plugs and blocks are known for their homogeneity and reliability.

Grodan plugs will provide a uniform germination and a high success rate. The shape and firmness of the plugs are of a quality that makes processing significantly easier, whether that processing is mechanical or manual.

Every plug has a uniform density, firmness and fibrous structure.

This means that distribution of water, nutrients and pH-value is also uniform, which has a beneficial effect on germination results and initial crop development.


  • AO 36/40, 98 plugs per sheet, 30 sheets per carton = 2940 plugs per carton
  • No holes
  • 10/10 seed hole (10 mm diameter, 10 mm deep)
  • AO 36/40 – 36 x 36 x 40 mm

Grodan Blocks AO 36/40 (2940 Blocks/CTN)


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