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Eco-oil 250ml

DESCRIPTION: Eco-oil is registered organic and helps control mites and leaf chewing pests. Eco-oil combines natural oils enhanced with HIPPO resulting in a unique formula which controls pests and attracts predatory insects. Using natural products to control pests is the perfect way to keep your garden looking its best while reducing your environmental footprint. It's safe to use on edible crops and there's no withholding period.

USES: Treats mites, scale, aphids, whitefly and citrus leafminer. Combine with water, following the manufacturers instructions as per application and add to a weed sprayer or hand held sprayer.

SIZE: 250ml bottle with measuring dispenser.

Maintain healthy plants by applying eco-seaweed regularly. You'll be amazed at how quickly your plants will establish and continue to thrive.

Eco Oil 250ml


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