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Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles


CannaClay Pebbles are baked clay granules which form an ideal substrate for the experienced grower. The unique structure of Canna Clay Pebbles makes them an ideal base for growers who want to control the supply of nutrition and moisture directly throughout the growth process. Canna Clay Pebbles are manufactured from special types of clay with a low content of soluble salts.This makes them very suitable for growing in recirculating systems.

Canna Clay Pebbles contain a high pora volume with a high air content, which ensures strong roots with a firm hold. Canna Clay Pebbles are inorganic and have a neutral pH. Canna Clay Balls consist of several fractions which create an optimal heterogeneous texture for optimum rooting.

It give you the basis for optimal growth and flowering. The substrate is suitable for both run-to-waste and recirculating systems. Canna Clay Pebbles can also be used to improve soil drainage. Apply a layer of 4 centimetres of Canna Clay Pebbles at the bottom of the pot


Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are also known as Hydroton, LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate), or Clay Pellets. They are extremely easy to use, and comfortable to garden with, leaving no residue and no dirty hands. These clay pebbles come in a range of size between 8 to 16mm.

For more information about clay pebbles, visit our website information page here, or read the details straight from our supplier here. To see the pebbles in action, visit our Stafford store (Brisbane, Australia) to see our working hydroponic and aquaponic displays.


Clay Pebbles Watering Instructions:


Aqua Clay Pebbles are a substrate suitable for upper water supply systems such as brush, drip and sprinkler systems. The watering should be aligned to the needs of the plant depending on the pot size, growing conditions and growth stage of the plants . Under normal circumstances, rapidly growing adult plants evaporate 4-6 liters of water per day per m², excluding water that is drained straight through the media.


Clay Pebbles Use Application:


Substrate for hydroponic systems for rapidly growing vegetables, herbaceous, fruit bearing and flowering plants.

Do Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles Float?


Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are the best sinking clay pebbles we have come across. If you are using them for Aquaponics, some will float if you fill the grow bed with water to the level of the clay pebbles. Aquaponics works best in flood and drain when the water fills only to within 2.5cm of the top of the clay balls, so that sunlight doesn't create a green layer of algae on the clay pebbles. That algae is using potential nutrients for your plants!


When washing the clay pebbles, you will notice that up to 50% of these balls float to begin with, but within a few days all will sink. This is much faster than other clay balls we have tested!

Canna Aqua Expanded Clay Balls LECA Pebbles Stones Beads 45L Bag

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