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Adjust-A-Wings - Hellion VS3 Multi Channel LED


Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 Multi Channel LEDs bring higher system efficiency along with 360-780 nm broad spectrum light and intensity control throughout the plant lifecycle.

With three high intensity LED fixtures (250 W, 500 W, 750 W) all Hellion VS3 LEDs are equipped with three independently controllable channels for veg, bloom & UV.

The veg channel is full spectrum and rich in blue.


The bloom channel is also full spectrum but rich in red and far-red.

The UV channel provides UVA and near-blue spectrum for a superior finish.

This is achieved via five diode types including Samsung LM301H (3 K & 5 K), Osram 660 nm Hyper Red, Osram 730 nm Far-Red and Seoul 395 UV.


The light bars clip in and out without the need to connect multiple cables.

Each fixture daisy chains to the next for single cable ‘plug and play’ connection.

The built-in micro reflectors ensure increased light intensity, deeper penetration, and more even light distribution to the plant canopy.


Hellion VS3 fixtures come with a 3-year warranty.


Propagation -

Gradually increase the intensity of the vegetative channel as your plants develop. Some UV can help to strengthen seedlings and cuttings.


Vegetation Growth -

Blue-dominant spectrum helps to keep plants squat and bushy, making them easier to illuminate efficiently during the bloom phase.


Vegetation to bloom -

Combining lower bloom with higher UV and high veg can help to reduce unwanted internodal stretch. Try 20% more bloom if some stretch is desirable.


Bloom -

Increase bloom after the initial development of flowers. The extra Red and Far-Red promote branching and help to increase flower size and density.


Ripening / Finishing -

Additional UV during the final few weeks can help to boost flavours, colours and essential oils. Try leaving all channels on full and raising the fixture (5 -10cm / 2 – 4″) if ceiling height permits.


Footprint Coverage :

250W - 75 x 75cm (2' x 2.6")


  • 250 W: PPF 620 µmol/s – BPF 650 µmol/s (1.04 Amps)


$1,100.00 Regular Price
$995.00Sale Price

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