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SprayMate By Higgins Smarter Gardening ™


Garden Smarter with Higgins!


Your Foliar Friend in the Garden



  • Multiple Spray Patterns
  • Extension Nozzle Included
  • USB Charging and LED Indicator
  • Up to 6 Refills per Charge
  • 2L Quick-Fill Capacity

Our SprayMate uses modern technology to provide automated electronic foliar spray and misting into your garden! Using a powerful inbuilt pump system and adjustable spray nozzle, the Higgins SprayMate will rapidly disperse any foliar spray, IPM, mineral with incredible power and precision!

Have you ever used a handheld pump for an extended time? It can get tiresome! Not to mention the inconsistency of pressure using typical handheld sprayers!


That problem is alleviated with the Higgins Smarter Gardening Solution – the SprayMate!

Perfectly consistent pressure, coverage and flow-rate.


Upgrade your technology, Garden Smarter with Higgins!




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