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Digi Lumen Retro LED Array

This Option Comes with

1 x Digi-Lumen LED Array

1 x Digi-Lumen 600w Ballast

See Spec sheet and PPFD Chart here 

Use this LED Light with your current E Ballast or buy separately.

Say goodbye to your HPS lamps and hello to the future of indoor lighting. The Digi-Lumen LED Array is the first LED lighting solution designed to work seamlessly with any 600W Electronic Ballast. Boasting 720 watts of Optimum White and Optimum Red diodes, this LED Array ensures an abundance of power, especially when used on boost settings. Experience a dramatic increase in light output, jumping from 1100 µmol/s (HPS lamp) up to an impressive 1820 µmol/s with the Digi-Lumen LED Array. Installation is as easy as plug and play.


Key Features and Advantages over a 600W HPS Lamp:

  • Boost your light output by a remarkable 60% compared to an HPS lamp.
  • Enjoy a broader PAR spectrum for enhanced plant growth and health.
  • Witness a significant improvement in the Colour Rendering Index, from 30 CRI to 80 CRI.
  • Achieve up to 1820 µmol/s on the 690W Super Lumen setting using a Digi-Lumen E Ballast.
  • Benefit from reduced radiant heat output compared to HPS lamps.
  • Lower canopy temperatures promote better photosynthesis and plant growth.
  • The six-bar LED design ensures even light distribution across a 1.5 m² area.
  • Comes with a 3-pin round earth plug & socket and a 5-meter extension cord for added convenience.

Operating Instructions:

  • The LED Array is dimmable to 250W, 400W, 600W, and 690 W Boost settings.
  • For optimal performance, use the highest setting on your 600W Electronic Ballast.
  • Specifically designed and thoroughly tested for use with a Digi-Lumen E Ballast on the Super Lumens setting (690 Watts), resulting in a total output of 1820 µmol/s.

Upgrade your indoor lighting experience with the Digi-Lumen LED Array and watch your plants flourish like never before.


Comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty from Digi-Lumen

Digi Lumen 600w Retro LED Array With BALLAST


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