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Boost Your Plant Growth with Plant Mechanics Root Booster V2

Plant Mechanics Root Booster V2 is an organic root stimulant specially designed to turbo-charge root growth and enhance chlorophyll concentration in leaf tissues. This potent formula contains a unique blend of biological compounds, ensuring rapid root development, vigorous seedling growth, and improved plant defences during vegetative and flowering stages.

Features and Benefits

  • Nutrient-rich formula: Boasts a high concentration of vitamins, organic acid complexes, refined kelps, microbial exudates, and chelating agents.
  • Stimulate roots: Contains natural plant growth regulators – auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins – and biostimulants for fast root germination.
  • Seedling vigour: Enriched with vitamins and microbial compounds to promote seedling strength and overall plant health.
  • Rapid growth and uptake: Can be used during vegetative and flowering stages to support a plant's growth and overall defences.
  • Universal compatibility: Suitable for all substrate types, including soil, hydroponic systems, and coco coir.

PLANT MECHANICS Root Booster V2 250ml/1L/5L

PriceFrom $38.00

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