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Stronger Vigorous Plant Builder

THC Silica is totally soluble form of liquid certified organic Potassium Silicate.

Silica is an important element that has many benefits, including strengthening cell walls. SILICA builds stronger and more vigorous plant stems.

Silica reduces the negative effect of excess aluminium, sodium and manganese.

Silica will increase Chlorophyll production.

Silica improves plant growth, lifting yield and quality.

Silica produces an armour like resilient layer in the outer cell wall, resulting in less fungal colonisation sites, decreased plant palatability and reduced lodging.

THC Silica is made in Australia from natural certified organic elements.


BENEFITS: Silica improves photosynthesis /builds stronger stems/ raises brix levels/ produce armour like resilient layer / improves plant growth/ strengths plant cells walls / improves quality / lifts yield /reduces lodging / decreases plant palatability / reduces fungal colonisation sites/ increases chlorophyll production.



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