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Cultiv8 computer pc fans are ideal for use in compact cabinets and space-limited areas where constant, cooling airflow is required. They are basically a small silent fan used on a computer tower housing, however adpated for Australian power points with a 2 prong plug.

They are quiet but don't perform well with carbon filters. Many customers choose to use multiple computer fans instead of larger noisier fans.

To place a 120mm PC Fan in ducting, usually pushing it inside 150mm silver ducting works well. This cancels out the noise even better.

CULTIV8 PC Fan Features

  • Made of aluminium casing
  • Over 40,000 running hours
  • One of quietest fans for 240V
  • 240V Australian Plug - straight into the wall or run off a power board

CULTIV8 PC Fan 120mm Specifications

  • Outer dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm (length x height x width)
  • Power consumption - 22W, 0.11A
  • 120m3/hour flow rate
  • Sound Level - the fan makes a low drone noise, around 50dB (however this can be shielded by placing the fan in 150mm ducting or acoustic ducting)
  • Internal diameter - 114mm


CULTIV8 PC Fan 150mm Specifications

  • Outer dimensions 150 x 150mm
  • Power consumption - 35W, 0.15A
  • 300m3/hour flow rate


Cultiv8 Computer Fan 120mm-With Lead


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