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The Bluelab pH Controller takes the complexity out of pH management, making precision easier than ever before. That’s because the in-built peristaltic pump provides precise control, delivering doses within a 0.1 pH tolerance. With built-in Wi-Fi capability, if enabled the Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi can display data in Edenic (an online software platform, visit for more information). Allowing growers to control pH levels from anywhere, any time.


The Bluelab pH Controller is also easy to use and programme; simply choose the pH control direction that’s best for your growing setup in the settings. You can either adjust for the pH-up (alkali) or pH-down (acid) direction.

In addition, this controller comes with a temperature probe, ensuring that all your pH measurements and doses will be automatically compensated for temperature. Simply set your pH target and let the Bluelab pH Controller do the rest.


Product Contents


  • 1x Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi
  • 1x Universal Power supply 24 VDC 0.3 A output
  • 1x pH Probe with 2 m (6′) cable
  • 1x Temperature probe with 2 m (6′) cable
  • 1x Acid resistant (PTFE) tubing 4 m (13′)
  • 2x Straight joiners (PVDF) 1/8″
  • 4x Mounting screws
  • 2x pH Calibration solution sachets



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