MINERAL-CALMAG is, as the name suggests, a mineral calcium and magnesium booster. Designed to go with our APTUS range as a cleaner alternative to MASSBOOST for growers running multiple day / 7 day reservoirs, growers who don't run APTUS but are looking for a better calmag (something as good or better than calimagic), and the DWC (Deep Water Culture) growers that love the APTUS BASE but are having to use other brands of calmag supplements. 


Prefered method: 

All types of root drench, aeroponic, hydroponic, soil, media, NFT and DWC. Not recommended for foliar application. MINERAL-CALMAG is 100% mineral, clean and very stable. While it stabilises pH in the tank well, it does NOT contain ™pHperfect. We do not use pHperfect in any of our formulas. 



With a 2 part base NPK = 0.4ml per 1L 

With APTUS BASE and town / municipal water = 0.6ml per 1L 

With APTUS BASE and RO/Soft water = 1ml per 1L

Mineral-Calmag vs Massboost 


MASSBOOST is an organo-mineral (blend of organic and mineral) calmag that contains calcium & magnesium chelated with L-amino acids. MASSBOOST also contains sulfur and 5% organic nitrogen. MASSBOOST is ultra concentrated, user friendly and fast acting. MASSBOOST is a stand alone calcium and magnesium booster that can be used throughout the entire growth cycle (both veg and flower). MASSBOOST is not only great as a buffer / root drench supplement, it is also great as a foliar spray to feed calcium and or magnesium hungry cultivars, or to correct deficiencies. 


Always shake before use : ) 


Preferred method: 

as with all organic / organo-mineral additives, FRESH IS BEST. For those mixing fresh daily, stick with MASSBOOST. Up to 3 days in the reservoir is still recommended and widely used by many. Any growers running 7 day reservoirs should use our MINERAL-CALMAG added on day 1 of the tank along with BASE and FASILITOR (fasilitor first obviously), with the boosters added on day 4 / 5. 


Dosage: Root drench / regular feeding

Cuttings and seedlings 0.15-0.2ml per 1L 

Veg (established) 0.25ml per 1L (LED's tend to require more calmag / magnesium)

Flower 0.33ml per 1L


General feed / pre-loading: 2ml  per 1L (best with Fasilitor)

First week of flower: 2ml per 1L

As a repair: 4ml per 1L


The only negative with Massboost is that it causes biofilm when left in a reservoir for multiple days. While all organic / organo-mineral additives do this, MASSBOOST is the worst in the APTUS range. Most APTUS users don't mind the mess, and quite often like massboost so much they are willing to put up with the extra cleaning...but for growers running multiple day reservoirs, growers looking for a clean mineral based calmag, or any grower looking to replace calimagic, then MINERAL-CALMAG is the product for them. 


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