This product is provided as an additive in situations in which the amount of calcium present in the water is below the recommended levels.

  • Very soluble, easy to use, quickly assimilated.
  • Chelated Calcium - EDTA is a stable product that does not interact with other elements.
  • Strengthens cell membrane and cell walls to protect from pests and insect attacks.
  • Presented in a powder form, it is very soluble in water. Ca2+ ion is protected by EDTA.
  • Minimum effort and very easy to use.
  • Enhances nutrient transportation.
  • Accelerates cell division and root extension. It does not contain Chlorine.
  • Its compatible with all kinds of fertilizers.
  • It is perfect to solve a lack of Calcium.

RECOMMENDATIONS MIXING:- When added to water make sure to start mixing immediately.

RO, RAINWATER OR ANY WATER WITH EC 0.0:- Because these kinds of water dont have the necessary amount of either Calcium or Magnesium, it is necessary to use Calcium additive when used with any Powder Feeding products.

  • For your convenience Magnesium is included in Powder Feeding. Also remember that most tap water already has enough Calcium.

What's in the Box

  • [1] x Green House Powder Feeding Calcium - 1KG  | Additive | Supplement


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