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VitaBase supplies all the essential minerals necessary to ensure maximum crop productivity. As a pure nutrient mix, VitaBase utilises the highest quality pharmaceutical grade components for fast assimilation.
With the addition of VitaBulk and Shooting Power during flowering, VitaBase provides the perfect range of NPK ratios from start to finish.

  • Highly soluble.
  • Chelated for faster uptake.
  • No bulking agents.

Lay the foundations for superior yields with VitaBase!

Guaranteed analysis: (N) 20% – (P205)20% – (FE) 0,05% – (MN)0.03% – (B) 0,01% – (Cu)0,013%
(Mo)0,0050% – (ZN) 0,025%

VitaBase 1L/5L Grow & Bloom Nutrient

PriceFrom $35.00

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