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ISN Starter Pack

International Superior Nutrients specializes in high quality hydroponic nutrients.

Our nutrient range is manufactured in South Australia with British pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This means our nutrients have one of the highest purity ranges and more importantly lack the contaminants otherwise seen on the market.

Our in-house chemical engineers are constantly refining our products to ensure they deliver the highest quality results.

Our product helps with boosting plant health, increasing yield sizes all while fighting off pests, diseases and stress.

Supreme Grow

ISN Supreme Grow is a two-part nutrient, formulated for rapid growth. Our lab has designed this product to produce strong frames in preparation for heavy flowers. Our Supreme Grow assists the plant with its nutrient intake, all while accelerating growth. We have designed our Grow A and B to have a range of essential nutrients. These nutrients
include: high nitrogen levels (for accelerated root development), phosphorus, potassium and a full spectrum of micronutrients. Furthermore, our Supreme Grow is enriched with
certified organic fulvic acid and British pharmaceutical grade Vitamin B1.

Supreme Bloom 

ISN Supreme Bloom is a two-part nutrient designed for maximum flower enhancement. Our Bloom A and B is the perfect nutrient to help grow and produce bigger healthier yields. Engineered by our in-house chemist, our bloom has the same base level of micronutrients as our ISN Supreme Grow, this helps to stop stress at the start of the flowering cycle. Our Bloom includes organic fulvic acid and British pharmaceutical grade vitamin B1.


ISN Solid’as Potash is a flowering enhancer that increases both size and mass significantly. Created in our lab and made from British pharmaceutical grade ingredients; ISN’s Potash is a potassium and phosphorus-based nutrient. This is essential for flower formation and heavy fruit. ISN Solid’as Potash is a must for your flowering cycle, but it can also be beneficial to use as a half strength during the Grow stage. ISN’s own Potash is perfectly formulated for hydroponic systems. It is PH buffered and easy to use.

Amino Gold

ISN Amino Gold is a flower growth super-charger! ISN Amino Gold was designed to supply the plant with a range of Amino acids which
enhances terpene levels in the plant. These important acids help the flower produce endogenous enzymes which are the catalysts to large and heavy results. The main ingredient L-Glycine rapidly helps the plant produce more Glutathione. Glutathione is an important natural antioxidant which helps speed up the plants metabolism
while reducing the chance of stress damage, diseases and pests.


ISN Microbe Boost is an army of organic probiotics for your plant. By using our Microbes from week 1 you will rapidly start to see root growth. This is the
perfect start of growing healthy strong plants with big yields at the end. Our ISN Microbe Boost works by ‘softening’ all the inorganic salts in the roots and flushing
them out. You should never have to worry about salt build up again! It also consumes the dead root mass while increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the root
zone, which in-turn produces healthy root mass. The Microbes also amazingly convert waste products into a healthy organic nourishment for the plant. ISN Microbes can even be used as a foliar spray to trigger healthy leaf growth, increased flower sights, boost of yield sizes and fight off any unwanted pests.


ISN Seaweed is a mix of North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean marine plants. ISN seaweed is one of the few products in the world that has a cold pressed refinement process which provides a rich source of natural enzymes, minerals, hormones, soluble carbon, sugars, organic vitamins, minerals and over 65 natural amino acids to your plant. Designed specifically for hydroponic systems, ISN Seaweed enhances root development and plant growth by increasing the organic building blocks in the root zone.


  • Grow A & B
  • Bloom A & B
  • Microbe
  • Potash
  • Seaweed
  • Amino Gold

Starter Pack 1Lx10


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