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Med-Tek Cal Mag Micro [1L/ 5L/ 20L]

Med-Tek Cal Mag Micro provides the supplemental elements necessary to boost plant nutrition and/or to correct nutrient deficiency problems.  A concentrated blend of readily available calcium, magnesium and full spectrum micronutrients, CAL-MAG MICRO quickly corrects deficiencies and boosts plant performance during periods of high nutrient demand.  CAL-MAG MICRO utilizes various food and agricultural grade calcium sources to ensure the highest nutrient bioavailability and quality in solution.

Med Tek Cal Mag supplement is not only be used for soil plants but they are super important for hydroponics too. Plants typically take up more calcium than phosphorus. Calcium builds strong stems and leaves and flourishes plant growth.

When calcium is taken up by the plant, it forms pectin, the glue that binds cell walls together, so a steady supply of calcium is necessary throughout the plant’s life cycle to strengthen its vascular system, produce thicker stems and build new cell walls at the growing tips.


Med-Tek Cal Mag Micro Analysis

  • Ca 3%
  • Mg 1%
  • Chelated Fe 0.04%
  • Chelated Mn 0.01%
  • Chelated Zn 0.007%
  • Chelated Cu 0.001%
  • B 0.01%
  • Mo 0.0009%

Recommended usage rate in soft water to correct Cal Mag = 1ml/L (where using Med-Tek base nutrient)

Recommended usage rate to correct nutrient deficiency symptoms 2ml/L

Sizes available:  1L, 5L & 20L



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