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Budlink is a plant builder, which improves strength and ability to fight against bacteria and insects. It should be used as part of a regular feeding program.


  • Increases Weight and Bulk
  • Helps Nutrient Uptake
  • Strengthens Plants
  • Improves Disease Resistance
  • Strengthens Cell Walls
  • Improves Cell Integrity



BUDLINK is suitable for all growing systems including cocopeat, expanded clay, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss and NFT. BUDLINK should be added every time you add nutrient to your tank.

Use for: Seedlings, Growth, Foliar, Early flowering, Late Flowering & Soil


BUDLINK’s unique recipe has been formulated from the ground up and includes other beneficial elements.

BUDLINK’s active ingredients are imbedded into the plant’s cell walls producing plants with thicker and greener foliage.

When used as a foliar spray it is easily absorbed by the leaves and forms a barrier against airborne bacteria and chewing insects and improves harsh light level resilience. BUDLINK should be used with every feeding program. It will build strength, add weight and improve the plant’s natural disease resistance. Without it you are missing the most important link for achieving outstanding results. BUDLINK – The Missing Link!

Extra Information

Why can’t silica be included in the components of two-part nutrients to the level that it is in say BUDLINK?

For silica to remain in solution at high concentration it requires high alkaline conditions (i.e. pH greater than 7). If a silica solution concentrate were added to the ‘A’ or ‘B’ parts of a two-part nutrient solution, a precipitation reaction with nutrient elements would occur. Nutrient deficiency problems are likely to result from this.

This is why BUDLINK provides the grower with a separate, easy to use silica supplement. Also by keeping silica separate, it allows the grower to apply silica at any rate desired. This is an advantage especially when crop specific rates are required. Another advantage is that BUDLINK can be applied as a separate foliar application to help fight pests. BUDLINK should really be considered as part ‘C’ of all existing two-part nutrients.



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