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Powder Feeding Hybrids
This All-In-One granular fertilizer from Greenhouse Seeds has been specially developed for all hybrid varieties and can be used with any variety that blooms in 8-10 weeks. It is best suited for crosses and hybrid varieties with 40% and 50% Indica content.



It can be used in soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics with consistent and outstanding results. It was developed for the entire cultivation process and offers optimal nutrition during vegetative growth and flowering from seedling to harvest. Minimal salt deposits in the medium provide for lower flushing frequency.




N-P-K-(Mg): 15+7+22+(3,6)

Concentration of elements:
-24% N Total Nitrogen
-13% NS Nitrogen Nitrate
-11% NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal
-6% PO Nitrogen Phosphorus
-12% KO Soluble Potassium
-1.2% Mg Soluble Magnesium (=1.2% Mg)
-0.02% B Soluble Boron
-0.04% Cu Soluble Copper (as Chelate form EDTA)
-0.1% Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate form EDTA)
-0.05% Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA)
-0.01% Mo Soluble Molybdenum
-0.01% Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA)

Dilution Proportions:
Concentration in gr./Lt.:     0.5     1     1.5       2
EC (mS)                           1     1.4    2        2.6
These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium hardness with EC 0.7

How to use it:
This is a one-component mineral plant fertilizer.
It must be diluted in water according to the desired proportions.
1 gr. = 1lt.
10 gr. = 10 lt.
1Kg. = 1.000 lt.

-Use clean tap water, at a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees.
-Mix vigorously for 2-3 minutes.
-The mixed solution can be kept for up to 7 days, at room temperature, in a light-proof container.

To keep every dose accurate our 10 gr. dosage spoon is INCLUDED!

Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids available in:

  • Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 125g
  • Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 500g
  • Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 1kg
  • Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 2,5kg



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