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The Professor’s Go Green is used to PREVENT and RESTORE common deficiencies in plants.

It is a scientifically formulated liquid fertilizer, with added Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen and Iron which help reduce plant discolouring, rust spots and tip burn.

Go Green provides protection for your plants against excessive nutrient salt build up, environmental stress and lack of chlorophyll, ensuring lush, dark vigorous growth.


So, what are the most common deficiencies?


IngredientFunctionDeficiency Signs

Is directly responsible for producing chlorophyll and amino acids, and is also vital to the process of photosynthesis. Plant tissue is also made up largely of nitrogen, meaning that growth would halt fast in the event of a deficiency.Older, bottom leaves turn yellow and leaf stems turn purple. Eventually, all foliage yellows and leaf drop is severe.

Is vital for your plants growth. It aids in the absorption of other nutrients, preserves cell structure, and facilitates photosynthesis.Symptoms often appear quickly. New growth develops small brown spots that never disappear, while growth is stunted and flower development slows dramatically.

Activates enzymes, is an essential building block of chlorophyll and is essential to the absorption of light energy. It helps enzymes make carbohydrates and sugars that are later transformed into flowers.Symptoms typically present 3 – 4 weeks after deficiency begins. Interveinal yellowing and rust spots appear on older and middle age leaves. Leaf tips turn brown and curl upwards. Brown spots increase in number and size and leaves dry and die in extreme cases.

Is essential for electron transport and chlorophyll biosynthesis, which is required for photosynthesis and respiration.New leaves turn bright yellow. Eventually more and more leaves turn yellow and develop interveinal chlorosis.


  • Nutrient Tank: Add 2ml of Go Green per 1L of Nutrient Solution.
  • Foliar Spray: Add 1ml of Go Green per 1L of water.

Go green 1L


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